Monday, October 28, 2013

Ahh, Monday.

A run down of my non-stop day:

Eva told me first thing this morning that she didn't want any breakfast. I thought that was unusual, but figured she was just anxious to go downstairs and start playing with her toys. While she was playing, I was up in the kitchen giving Elsie breakfast. Eva started crying and said her tummy hurt. I thought she had just hurt herself on something and didn't think much of it.

Girls were both sluggish and took awhile to get going, but we pretty much had to get groceries this morning; we were out of a ton of stuff. Finished at the store around 11:30, hit Wendy's drive through for lunch. Went home and got the girls settled in with food while I put away the groceries, trying to do it quickly because I had scheduled a plumber to come between 12 and 1 (kitchen sink was clogged yesterday due to butternut squash peelings in the garbage disposal - lesson learned). Immediately after lunch, they both had horrifying diaper messes. I was sure the plumber would get here while I was in the middle of changing one of them. He actually didn't come until a little after 1 though.

Read books with the girls so they wouldn't bug the nice plumber while he cleaned out the sink. He got done pretty quickly. Put Elsie down for a nap at 2 (an hour late). Let Eva watch a show in the kitchen while I tackled cleaning up in there now that we had a working sink. Eva had been telling me off and on during the day that her tummy still hurt.

Hung out with Eva until Elsie woke up a little after 4. I had planned on taking them to pick out pumpkins after that, since we were just heating up leftover soup for dinner. Elsie was really clingy and whiny after her nap, clearly not feeling well. She did not want to get in the car, so I decided to stay home.

Glad I made that decision. 10-15 minutes later, we were sitting on the couch looking at books when Eva suddenly jumped down and got a weird look on her face a split second before she puked on the couch. She took a step back and projectile vomited on the living room rug, twice. I paused in shock for a second before collecting myself, comforting her and directing her toward the bathroom. We got as far as the doorway before she let go a couple more times, all. over. the. bathroom. 

I looked at the mess in the bathroom and the mess in the living room. My immediate thought was that Wendy's had been a mistake. I briefly wanted to run away and buy a different house. Instead, I did the only thing I knew of that would contain them both while I dealt with it - stripped them down, started a bath and tossed them in (not literally). Called Damon; he said he would rent a carpet scrubber on the way home from work.

Cleaned up puke. Cleaned up puke. Cleaned up puke. Wanted to die a little bit.

Washed their hair and got their wrinkled booties out of the tub. Almost 6 by this time. Damon got home with the scrubber. He hung out with the girls downstairs while I heated up soup for myself, then he ate. All the girls wanted was plain bread. Eva had an empty trash can with her the rest of the night just in case.

Damon watched them some more while I scrubbed the rug and hallway/bedroom carpet (we got the scrubber - why not?). Time to get them ready for bed, but not before Elsie had one more nasty diaper.

Took Elsie upstairs, read Snowmen at Night (her current obsession - she has to sleep with the stuffed snowman that came with it), turned on the star projector she's been loving lately, watched her amazing face as she looked at the stars in wonder. She flopped her head down on me while I sang to her. I laid her down. She stood back up for two more kisses and then laid down on her own, hugging her pillow and snowman.

Came downstairs, brushed Eva's teeth, she laid on the couch (we've been having sleeping issues; she doesn't want to be upstairs). Put a blanket on her, read her a book. She asked me to sing Roseville Fair. While I was singing, I thought about how that was the first song I ever sang to her, in the hospital, and tried to picture her as a baby. She was almost asleep by the time I was done. She popped her head up long enough to say "mommy, will you sit with me a couple minutes?" I said yes and she immediately passed out. 

I watched her sleep for a few minutes and thought about how amazing these two little people are and how blessed I am to have them in my life. Then I got up to go disinfect the bathroom floor one more time.

It will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings.