Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nap Time (Sort Of)

Today's fun nap time:

12:40 - lay Elsie down. She's quiet for a few minutes, then starts screaming.

1:00 - tell Eva we have to turn off the movie so she can take a nap. Screaming.

Get Eva upstairs, Elsie still screaming. Read to them both.

Leave Eva in their room, sing to Elsie, put her back down in the pack n play in our room.

Come downstairs.

Elsie screaming.

Go back up, feed her, lay her back down.

Come downstairs, prep meat loaf for tonight, start Ramen noodles for myself (sore throat).

Eva informs me over the monitor that she pooped.

Go get Eva, bring her downstairs, change her pants.

Elsie screaming.

Take Eva back up, discover that Elsie pooped.

Everyone comes back downstairs so I can change Elsie without Eva having a meltdown because she wanted to come too. Turn off stove on Ramen that I forgot about.

Take them back up. Both upset because they thought they were going to get out of nap time.

Leave them in their respective beds, come back down, drain and eat over cooked noodles.

2:10 - Elsie quiet, Eva whining softly.

2:30 - both crying. Mommy gives up.

No naps even though we have community group tonight and they'll be up late. I guess I should be thankful this isn't the way it goes every day. :)