Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Bathroom

Still working on that project list I started awhile ago. I have been lazier than I probably should be lately. I've gotten a few things done though - I'm almost completely done with Eva's baby book; all that's left is to get her hand print "now that you are one" (she's 17 months, woops). Then I can start a new book for baby #2.

Anyway, I am very happy about having the bathroom redecorating done. We can't paint or do anything permanent in our apartment, so really all I could change were the accessories. We'd had the previous decor since we got married almost eight years ago - I didn't HATE it, but it was starting to look old, and our taste has definitely changed. Not that I'm trying to compare myself to others (though I pridefully do that a lot), but since visiting many homes of the hip young couples at the Oaks (yes, you are - admit it ;)) and seeing what cool things can be done with home interiors, my taste in decor has become less traditional - "old lady" if you will. I mean, our old bathroom trash can and tissue cover were wicker, for cryin' out loud.

Couldn't get great pictures, mostly because it's such a tiny bathroom, but here's the before:

For the new stuff, I wanted to use similar colors (namely light blue and green), so that we could save money by keeping the same rugs and towels, which are still in good shape. But I wanted more white as opposed to beige, since I always felt like the beige made it look a little dim in there. Ta-da:

Toothbrush holder is a little more modern than what we had before, and the silver matches the fixtures:

Look ma, no wicker:

I think my favorite part, though, is the new pictures on the walls. I was finally able to use a couple of nice pics we took on vacations. First, sunrise in Ocean City, Maryland in August of 2009:

And this one is sunset on Kelleys Island in Lake Erie, October 2007:

Happy times. My project for tonight is to sew up a couple tears in the cloth cover on the elastic waist of my maternity jeans, since I will probably need them soon. I LOVE maternity jeans. Still look like jeans but they're SO comfy. I plan to relish wearing maternity clothes this time since we're planning on this being the last biological Titus baby, and my maternity clothes are so much cuter than any of my regular clothes. Totally not fair. Whatevs.